Martin Homent
Martin Homent / Creative Director

TK Maxx

Christmas. The time when brands deliver the gift of an emotionally charged TV advert that brings a tear to the eye. For TK Maxx, theirs focused on the feeling you get in the moment of giving the perfect gift, but needed an idea that connected with their audience in a more socially engaging way.

The idea—

The idea—

We brought that Christmas feeling to the UK streets with the TK Maxx Tweet Choir. We measured the feeling of the nation using social data and drove our 'choir' to towns that were most in need of a moment of Christmas spirit.

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The moment—

The moment—

Arriving in their custom made Christmas vehicle complete with giant wrapped present and their very own snow—you could tweet your request so they sang your Christmas favourite directly to you. Making it a personal Christmas moment for you to capture and share with friends.