Martin Homent
Martin Homent / Creative Director



I believe creativity is our superpower and my passion is to connect the innovation of tomorrow with the craftsmanship of yesterday to create ideas that are interesting, involving and shareable.

During the day I'm a Creative Director, with over 20 years experience, creating integrated campaigns with digital, social and commerce at their heart. I've created award-winning campaigns and strategies for Starbucks, Vodafone, Nestlé, Mars Wrigley, Coca-Cola, Havana Club and Transport for London to name a few.

I really dig what u do.
— Prince

In the last few years I was also Art Director to the musician, Prince - working with him to create art to accompany his music. You can see my art on the cover of his last two albums, the backdrop to his concerts and even on some of his clothing. I continue to work with the team at his studios and have created art for the Official Tribute, the opening of Paisley Park as a museum and also the Celebration event to honour his life.


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