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Celebration 2017 Art Revealed


I pleased to say that the art we have been working on for celebrating the life of Prince has been officially shared by his studios, Paisley Park.

I'm very proud to still be a part of the team who have worked together for the last few years to make art for Prince's music. And it was an honour to be asked to create something to mark a year after his passing and to signify celebrating his life and legacy at his studios, in Minneapolis - a place where he has written and recorded some incredible music.

Given that he has gifted the world with so much music and wonderful moments, I wanted the piece to feel peaceful and uplifting to honour this. It features his studios surrounded by lush grass and greenery - a site you'll see when the Minneapolis weather isn't blessing the land with several feet of snow. A purple and blue sky full with some signature puffy clouds (think of the famous suit used in the Raspberry Beret video). Centre stage, as he was, the love symbol takes pride of place in the sky. To signify peace and freedom, I included his doves, Divinity and Majesty, flying from the central atrium (where they live) at Paisley Park.

The Celebration is a chance to come together and share our great loss but to also not forget what an impact he had on the world and the people who live in it. I shall be attending the Celebration and see this as a fitting tribute to say thank you for everything he did and the impact he had on me - throughout my life, not just our working relationship in the past few years.

More details will follow shortly. 


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